About Us

Sweet Saigon isn't just a brand; it's a journey into Vietnam's rich flavors and traditions. As a Sugarcane juicery, coffee shop, and hub for Vietnamese delights, we connect the heart of Vietnam to the world. We celebrate nature's gifts, from the sugary delight of sugarcane and the bold aroma of coffee to the rich notes of tropical fruits smoothies. Our signature Cold-Pressed Sugarcane Juice brings Vietnam's fields to your lips, while our locally-sourced coffee energizes your days. Our fruit-packed smoothies blend health and taste, making wellness delicious.

Choosing Sweet Saigon is embracing Vietnam's cultural richness. To our Vietnamese friends, we're a piece of home; to newcomers, a gateway to an unforgettable flavor journey. At Sweet Saigon, you're not just savoring a drink or bite; you're embracing a story. Dive into the essence of Vietnam with us. 

Welcome to Sweet Saigon. We make things better!